By Carlo Rovelli, Erica Segre, Simon Carnell

Book cover of Helgoland: Making Sense of the Quantum Revolution

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Named a Best Book of 2021 by the Financial Times and a Best Science Book of 2021 by The Guardian

“Rovelli is a genius and an amazing communicator… This is the place where science comes to life.” ―Neil Gaiman

“One of the warmest, most elegant and most lucid interpreters to…

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Carlo Rovelli is affectionately known as the “poet of modern physics,” and Helgoland does not disappoint in this regard. Don’t be fooled by the name, this book is about the deep concepts of quantum physics and the story of the scientists behind them.

Helgoland refers to the barren, windswept island off the North Sea coast of Germany, where the 23-year-old Werner Heisenberg, physicist, and chronic hay-fever sufferer, retreated in June 1925 to try and make sense of the Alice in Wonderland world which atomic experiments had revealed beneath the skin of reality. The mind-bending submicroscopic realm was a place where a single item could be in two places at once; where events happened for no reason at all; and where atoms could influence each other instantaneously even if on opposite sides of the Universe.

Heisenberg’s lightbulb moment on Helgoland is only a minor…

From Marcus' list on physics and physicists.

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