Get in Trouble

By Kelly Link,

Book cover of Get in Trouble: Stories

Book description

Fantastic, fantastical and utterly incomparable, Kelly Link's new collection explores everything from the essence of ghosts to the nature of love. And hurricanes, astronauts, evil twins, bootleggers, Ouija boards, iguanas, The Wizard of Oz, superheroes, the pyramids . . .

With each story she weaves, Link takes readers deep into…

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Why read it?

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I love reading novels and stories that make me wish I’d written them, and this collection by Kelly Link made me wish that time and time again. This book also introduced me to the concept of fabulism, a form of magical realism where elements of the fantastic occur in everyday settings, which is something I find compelling both as a reader and as a writer. Link combines humor, fantasy, magical realism, and more than a touch of horror to create a collection of stories that is unique, weird, and wonderful. 

Kelly Link is the one of the most potent storytellers alive, and a master of the short-story form. And this 2015 collection is Link at her most hilarious and gloriously weird — it's full of superheroes, demon lovers, ghost boyfriends, and a woman with two shadows. Some of these stories deal with fame and celebrity culture, while others deal with strange relationships and teenagers who are trying to find their own way in the world. Every one of these stories is a perfect experience unto itself, and some of them feel like the best kind of magic trick: Link shows…

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