Forever Endeavor

By Barbara Kellyn,

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Inspiration walked out on bestselling romance author Billie Mustard the day her husband blindsided her with divorce papers, leaving her clouded by writer’s block and soured on happily ever after.

Time-pressed to deliver a new manuscript about everlasting love, Billie embarks on an exotic vacation to find her muse, only…

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good romantic comedy? I know I do, and Canadian author Barbara Kellyn writes some of the best. And how about you like those chance travel encounters that set the sparks flying? Of course, everyone’s dreamt of that holiday romance, right? Well, if you like such things, then this could be right up your street. With colourful and contrasting main characters and plenty of sizzle, Forever Endeavor will keep you turning the pages and wanting more.  

From Bruce's list on light reads for long-haul travel.

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