By Janina Ramirez,

Book cover of Femina: A New History of the Middle Ages, Through the Women Written Out of It

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'Revelatory' GUARDIAN

'A firecracker somehow captured between two covers' LUCY WORSLEY

An instant bestseller and one of the most celebrated history books of the year, Femina reveals the power and influence of medieval women who have been written out…

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This book is not just a rich and detailed portrait of various times and places throughout the medieval period—it explains how history itself is written, how certain stories are told (and prioritized), and how certain individuals are remembered.

From page 1, Ramirez draws you in with her irresistible storytelling, making historical figures seem like the real people they were. She corrects popular misconceptions about the Middle Ages as well as how history is itself created.

Each chapter begins with a discovery, which is just as dramatic and exciting as the medieval subject matter. I love how Ramirez paints a picture…

The traditional view of the Middle Ages classifies the era as the “Dark Ages.” The Oxford historian, Janina Ramirez, provides a compelling counter-narrative in her fascinating new book. Drawing on interdisciplinary sources to shift perspectives, she documents medieval women’s extensive contributions to every aspect of their societies, from the arts to zealous political leadership.

Among the many women who shaped medieval society but either were erased from or underrepresented in recorded history are such influential women as Hild, the Abbess of Whitby, who established her own monastery in England’s north and led a major religious Synod in 664 A.D.; the…

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