Epic Moon

By William P. Sheehan, Thomas A. Dobbins,

Book cover of Epic Moon: A History of Lunar Exploration in the Age of the Telescope

Book description

The Moon has always been one of the most obvious and in some ways the most enticing of astronomical objects - even from early times, it was Queen of the Night, and the naked eye sees more detail than even the largest telescopes reveal on Mars. There is growing evidence…

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Epic Moon tells the stories of the often odd characters and their thoughts about the Moon in the 400 years before Apollo. Although Galileo and one or two other early astronomers found evidence that the Moon did not hold water or air, the search for life and changes such as volcanic eruptions, light flashes, insect migrations, vegetation growth, and lunar cities dominated most lunar mapping and telescopic exploration and interpretation. The observers weren’t crazy, the Moon was completely alien, but humans understood only what was known on Earth. Terrestrial impact craters were not recognized until the early 1900s and the…

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