By Dana Thomas,

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Dana Thomas's Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Lustre goes deep inside the workings of today's world of profit margins and market share to discover the real meaning of 'luxury'.

Fashion may be fabulous, but what's the true price of luxury? From the importance of fashion owners, to red carpet stars…

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This is a deservedly best-selling book that decries what the author judges to be the decline of true luxury products into mass-produced items. The luxury industry she believes has sacrificed integrity and hoodwinked consumers. The book’s strength is its investigative reportage of how (so-called) luxury goods are actually made but, as befits the writer’s non-academic, journalistic background, this is done in a readable, accessible way. While it is very different from my own work, its stimulating discussion will prompt those whose interest it piques to explore the issue more widely.

From Christopher's list on answering the question, what is ‘luxury’?.

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