Coaching Essentials for Managers

By Sara Canaday,

Book cover of Coaching Essentials for Managers: The Tools You Need to Ignite Greatness in Each Employee

Book description

One of the first books in McGraw Hill's NEW Business Essentials Series-filled with the tools managers need to boost employee confidence, engagement, and performance through coaching.

As a manager, an essential and rewarding part of your job is to get the best from your employees-to help them overcome challenges, meet…

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It’s fascinating when terms and ideas become popular and pervasive, yet everyone has a slightly different take on what it is they are talking about. 

Coaching might be the best example ever in business. It’s a vital skill set, yet only in the last couple of decades have we begun to effectively grapple with what it is, how to do it, and the outcomes it produces.  Sara Canaday’s book is wonderful because it addresses these issues with great focus and clarity.

It’s the perfect first book for anyone who wants to dive in to coaching. It’s not too complex or…

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