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This edition of the highly acclaimed one-volume Churchill: A Life, is the story of adventure. It follows Winston Churchill from his earliest days to his moments of triumph. Here, the drama and excitement of his story are ever-present, as are his tremendous qualities in peace and war, not least as…

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Churchill was a great leader and lawyer and showed how to overcome difficult times.

No leader in world history has exemplified overcoming great odds to lead a country to beat the Nazis and instill a morale within its people when none existed. Almost every chapter in the book is a lesson on how to be a better leader.

“I esteem biography,” Samuel Johnson once said, “as giving us what comes near to ourselves, what we can turn to use.” None of us is ever likely to be called upon to save Western democracy, as Winston Churchill was. But democracy can use some help these days, and all of us can be inspired by the absolute boldness Churchill showed when Great Britain was facing its darkest hour.

From Sanford's list on biographies for sheer inspiration.

Sir Martin Gilbert wrote the very first benchmark for Churchill's biographies. He has produced many fine works on Churchill, but this in many ways is the pinnacle of his achievements. At the time of publication, it was described as ‘By far the most lucid, comprehensive and authoritative account of Churchill that has been offered in a single volume.’

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