Carnacki, The Ghost Finder

By William Hope Hodgson,

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Six tales of Carnacki the Ghost Finder, tales of the outre, the unexpected, and the unexplained from a reknowned master of the macabre, William Hope Hodgeson.

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William Hope Hodgson's Carnacki is the ultimate occult detective, willing to venture deep into mystic lore to get to the root of any problem. You may notice while reading that Carnacki likes a drink and a smoke, and a hearty meal with his friends gathered 'round. This dovetails perfectly with my own idea of a good time. And although I no longer smoke, writing about characters who do allows me a small vicarious reminder of my own younger days. I wish I had Carnacki's library, his toys, but most of all, I envy him his regular visits from his tight…

From William's list on occult detective collections.

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