By Stella Parks,

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If you have ever marvelled at a flawless slice of cherry pie in a television bake-off and wondered if you could re-create it at home, BraveTart is for you. Here are recipes for one-bowl Devil's Food Layer Cake, Blueberry Muffins, Glossy Fudge Brownies and even Parks's own recipes for re-creating…

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Stella Parks approaches baking like I want to, but don’t really have the patience for.

She’s meticulous in her experimentation (check out her posts on Serious Eats) and baking science. In BraveTart, she turns her eyes to classic American desserts like Oreos, Fig Newtons, English Muffins and Graham crackers. Her recipes are stellar, and I like that I can enjoy them knowing that they are at least a little better health-wise than the store-bought versions.

I also enjoy reading through the bits of history each of the recipes includes. Having written a cookbook on remade childhood classics myself, I know…

From Lara's list on feeling like a professional baker.

Yes, this is a cookbook, but 1) it’s by the inimitable Stella Parks of Serious Eats fame and 2) it’s absolutely dripping with American baking nostalgia.

With elevated takes on childhood favorites like fudge brownies and cinnamon rolls and homemade dupes of classics like Twinkies, Oreos, and Pop-Tarts, I defy you to flip through this book without marking a dozen recipes to try.

In my home, breakfast muffins made from her Top Shelf Muffin Mix are on permanent repeat, and the Choose-Your-Own-Adventure approach to chocolate chip cookies never disappoints. Just don’t read it if you’re watching your diet, because I…

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