Bath Haus

By P. J. Vernon,

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Nominated for a 34th annual Lambda Literary Award • A scintillating thriller with an emotional punch: “The tension builds to unbearably claustrophobic levels. To say more would rob readers of the 'no, he didn’t' suspense that makes Bath Haus an unexpectedly twisted, heart-pounding cat-versus-mouse thriller" (Los Angeles Times).

Oliver Park,…

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This thriller is a compulsively readable novel.

In dueling POVs of a gay couple, Vernon explores their relationship, with its power imbalances and manipulations, in all its messiness. Neither narrator is being honest with the other, and the novel is set in motion when Oliver decides to visit a bathhouse where a would-be trick attacks him, making him fear for his life.

The rest of the novel ping-pongs between the narrators, both of whom are concealing so much from each other for very different reasons. 

Page turning suspense and P.J. Vernon’s beautiful prose had me gripped to this book until my eyelids refused to stay open. I finished the book in 2 days and felt the twist at the end came out of nowhere!  

I had harsh words for Nathan, the protagonist & Oliver’s partner, throughout the book. My desire for Oliver to get out of the mess he was in had me longing to know what happened next, and how big the hole he dug would get.

I have not been able to stop talking about this book since I picked it up.


If any book instills the most fear of men on this list, it’s P.J. Vernon’s novel Bath Haus.

This novel is drenched in the sweaty twists and turns Oliver Park, a recovering addict, goes through after having a traumatic experience inside a gay bathhouse.

Every man becomes suspicious, every secret becomes a weapon, and all events threaten to break the delicate relationship he has built with his wealthy partner Nathan.

What happened at the bathhouse? How will Oliver continue to lie to keep this experience a secret? How long will that last?

An important and gripping novel about trauma,…

From Ricardo's list on instilling a fear of men.

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