Another Fine Myth

By Robert Asprin, Walter Velez (illustrator),

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Skeeve is a magician’s apprentice (and a wanna-be thief) until an assassin’s bolt kills his master, Garkin. Along with Aahz, the green-scaled, purple-tongued demon and master magician summoned by Garkin, he sets out on a quest to get even. The road to vengeance is bound to prove rocky, however, because…

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Why read it?

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Another Fine Myth is one of my most reread books.

Skeeve, the main character, just feels so darned human. He’s a nobody with no real talent thrown into a deadly magical conspiracy and reluctantly taken on as an apprentice by a grumpy demon sorcerer who’s lost his magic powers. And while the pairing seems so unlikely, the friendship that develops between them warms my heart every time.

Plus, it’s such a great blend of fast-paced adventures, and slower cozy moments to reflect and build friendships. It also contains my favorite scene in all of fantasy, when our demon talks would-be…

From D. H.'s list on warm and witty fantasy adventures.

This is one of the most enjoyable series I have ever read. It takes you into a world so different from traditional fantasy stereotypes. The characters are flawed and imperfect and because of that they are so easy to sympathize with when things go wrong (and they will...repeatedly). The style the author used for the headers in each chapter was so entertaining to me that I still find myself quoting them to people, 20+ years after first reading them.

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