A Soul as Cold as Frost

By Jennifer Kropf,

Book cover of A Soul as Cold as Frost

Book description

“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good fright…”

What if Santa Claus was really a young, mad trickster and you had the one thing he wanted? What if the only person who agrees to protect you has a dark past of letting those he’s meant to protect die?…

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This one has winter Narnia vibes, but with a whole new twist on the story. I was a beta reader for Jennifer and I read the book in one sitting because it was so good. This one is adventure-packed and perfect for those just starting to love reading. It’s book one of a series, and I recommend this one to everyone who loves Narnia or portal-traveling books. Imagine being able to just jump realms.

From Nikki's list on portal-hopping middle-grade.

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