A Scream in the Night 2

By Reyna Young (editor), Debra Lamb, Maureen Whelan, AnnMarie Martin, Christina Francine, Jessica Dwyer, Marjorie Dehey, Staci Layne Wilson

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Featuring: Debra Lamb – AnnMarie Martin – Christina Francine – Staci Layne Wilson – Reyna Young – Ravennight – Tonjia Atomic – Tori Danielle Romero – Maureen Whelan – Jessica Dwyer – Marjorie Dehey – Michelle Nessk – Nicole Andrea Guzman

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This anthology features chilling stories written by an all-female cast of horror writers. If you think only male writers can deliver explicit and graphic horror, this anthology proves you wrong. These talented women do not pull punches and their stories are not for the faint of heart. My friend Reyna Young (aka Miss Misery—Hall of Fame Horror Host, Producer, Director, and Writer) edited this volume and contributed the story The Dinner Party. Another friend actress and writer Debra Lamb contributed Collectibles. If you want stories that will leave you screaming for more, read this volume.

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