The best friends-to-lovers romance novels

Who am I?

I’m a complete bookworm and romance addict. I love to see the old tropes being written with a fresh feel, and I’m a true believer that romance is so hard to write because everyone knows the end, but it’s up to the writer to bring you on a worthy journey. After reading countless friends-to-lovers novels, I can say with certainty I have the list with the best books written by the contemporary romance rock stars. Let’s get to it!

I wrote...

Love Me, Maddie Mendoza

By Amy Oliveira,

Book cover of Love Me, Maddie Mendoza

What is my book about?

Maddie Mendoza and Zeek King are - against all odds- inseparable. While Zeek spent his childhood running around with a ball, Maddie was a fixed image on the porch, threatening to burst it.

Years later, little has changed. When Maddie needs a place to stay, Zeek doesn’t think twice before offering his own bed. Their legs are intertwined, after all, it only takes one night to blur the lines. And now, Zeek isn’t sure if he wants Maddie as a friend or he’s craving something more. Everyone says a man and a woman can’t be best friends without falling into bed. Maddie and Zeek aren’t here to prove them wrong.

The books I picked & why

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Blindsided: A Best Friends to Lovers Standalone

By Amy Daws,

Book cover of Blindsided: A Best Friends to Lovers Standalone

Why this book?

It was recently on the number one spot on Amazon, even two years after its original publication! And for a good reason. Amy Dawns gives us all the feels in this romance between a curvy, shy heroine and a sweet soccer player of a hero. Dawns plays with the lines between friendship and something more in a remarkable way. Their banter is hilarious, their chemistry is off the charts. The whole book is *chef’s kiss*.

Hands Down

By Mariana Zapata,

Book cover of Hands Down

Why this book?

I’d talk about Mariana Zapata for days without coming out for air. The queen of slow-burn will leave you squirming in your seat shouting “Just kiss already!” on the top of your lungs. It’s a sweet blooming romance between childhood friends who spent years apart. If you read The Wall of Winnipeg and Me, you were probably waiting for Zack’s story. Bonus? Zack is the sweetest and the pure definition of a cinnamon roll hero.

Punk 57

By Penelope Douglas,

Book cover of Punk 57

Why this book?

This is a pen pals turned to best friends turned to enemies turned to lovers story. And no one could write this mess better than Penelope Douglas. Punk 57 follows the friendship of two kids who only talk through letters until Misha transfers to Ryen’s school and discovers she’s nothing like in the letters. You can blame the hormones, but this book has the same amount of angst as it has of pure goodness.

My Best Friend's Ex

By Meghan Quinn,

Book cover of My Best Friend's Ex

Why this book?

Even though he’s her best friend’s ex, it totally makes the list because they were all childhood friends first. One of the most underrated books by Meghan Quinn, I can’t stop talking about Tucker and Emma. The reason this book is so good comes down to a simple recipe: fluffy, hilarious, and with a tortured hero who only wants to be loved. This book is a standalone but part of a wonderful series full of mouthwatering heroes.

Wasted Words

By Staci Hart,

Book cover of Wasted Words

Why this book?

This one is a retelling of the ultimate friends-to-lovers novel: Emma by Jane Austen. It will give you a contemporary feel, but Staci Hart managed to keep Emma’s soul alive in this book. Cam is sure her six-foot-six football player of best friend will never go for a girl like her. And even when things between them change, she’s not ready to see how it will work. Honestly, you’ll want to shout at Cam many times, but her frustrating moments are written so beautifully that is worth the ride. And the book is set inside the coolest bar/book store you’ll ever imagine.

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