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Stuart Schneider Author Of Collecting Fluorescent Minerals
By Stuart Schneider

Who am I?

I was introduced to Fluorescent Mineral collecting by my son. I started going to shows, joining mineral groups, and reading everything I could on fluorescent minerals. Realizing that there were no books with lots of photographs on the subject, and having written quite a few heavily illustrated books of collecting subjects, I decided to to a book that would appeal to new and old mineral collectors. The book was a success and lead to the publishing of a second book. Lots of fluorescent mineral experts helped by reviewing the text and photos for accuracy, and my publisher was pleased with the success of the books. Schiffer Books started an entirely new avenue of books on Minerals that it now publishes.

I wrote...

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals

By Stuart Schneider,

Book cover of Collecting Fluorescent Minerals

What is my book about?

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals is now in its 2nd revised and expanded edition with 850+ color photos is a fluorescent mineral collector's dream book. It contains minerals from all over the world and has a good concentration of Franklin and Sterling Hill, NJ pieces. Nice large photographs showing the minerals in daylight and under the UV lamp, make it easy to work with when identifying minerals. Information on collecting sites and tips while collecting, make this the book to have. It comes with a value guide to give you an idea of what the pieces will cost. 

The books I picked & why

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The Collector's Book of Fluorescent Minerals

By Manuel A. Robbins,

Book cover of The Collector's Book of Fluorescent Minerals

Why this book?

The Collector's Book of Fluorescent Minerals is the first illustrated book on the subject. It came out in 1983 and is by Manuel Robbins. The book originally sold for $45, but now it fetches $175 or more when you can find it (Amazon sometimes has it available - the latest price was over $300). It is a great reading book with stories about the miners and the early discovery of the fluorescence in rocks in the Franklin and Sterling Hill mines. An arcing electric spark caused the stones on the sorting table (called the Picking Table) to glow in colors. The miners found that the rocks that glowed green contained zinc while the rocks that glowed red did not. A fellow named Tom Warren obtained a barrel of rocks from the Franklin mine and perfected his company's UV lamps to become portable mineral UV lamps. This improved the mine's ability to find high-grade ore and dump the low-grade ore. It also helped to introduce the field of collecting fluorescent minerals to many collectors. I really like reading this book. It is not too technical and has loads of information. Some of this information is updated and appears in Manny Robbins' second book and my second recommendation,


By Manuel A. Robbins,

Book cover of Fluorescence: Gems and Minerals Under Ultraviolet Light

Why this book?

Manny Robbins' second book on fluorescent minerals which came out in 1994. It sold for $49.95, but now appears to be out of print but still fairly easy to find. This is a much more technical read, but has good information.

Rainbow Minerals of Franklin/Sterling Hill, New Jersey

By Robert W. Jones, David Grigsby (photographer),

Book cover of Rainbow Minerals of Franklin/Sterling Hill, New Jersey: A Color Portfolio of Minerals from the Fluorescent Mineral Capitol of the World

Why this book?

Rainbow Minerals is the best bargain for $6.95 by Bob Jones (printed by Tom Warren). It can be tougher to find, but is sometimes available on eBay. It has a small group of color photos.

Ultraviolet Light and Fluorescent Minerals

By Thomas S. Warren, Sterling Gleason, Richard C. Bostwick, Earl R. Verbeek

Book cover of Ultraviolet Light and Fluorescent Minerals: Understanding, Collecting and Displaying Fluorescent Minerals

Why this book?

Ultraviolet Light and Fluorescent Minerals is also a pretty good read. It is a good general overview of the subject and nicely covers the field of fluorescent activators. It doesn't have many color photographs. It was written by 4 experts in the field including the late, great Thomas Warren (he passed away in 2001) who invented the portable SW mineral lamp. Another one of my favorite guys is Earl Verbeek. He is friendly and knows his rocks. He is the curator of the Sterling Hill Mining Museum. That is the complete list of books on Fluorescent minerals, not including my two books.

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