By Nikki Khanna,

Book cover of Whiter: Asian American Women on Skin Color and Colorism

Book description

Heartfelt personal accounts from Asian American women on their experiences with skin color bias, from being labeled "too dark" to becoming empowered to challenge beauty standards
"I have a vivid memory of standing in my grandmother's kitchen, where, by the table, she closely watched me as I played. When I…

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Unfortunately, colorism/racism issues are not limited to the Black community. The #StopAsianHate hashtag started trending in 2021 due to Covid19 being linked to China along with disparaging comments from Trump. This resulted in hate crimes against Asian people increasing. The personal accounts of Asian American women in this book highlight their experiences with skin color bias, aspirational Whiteness, anti-Blackness, skin bleaching, and plastic surgery.

From Dangerous' list on to understand the problem with colorism.

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