Venomous Lumpsucker

By Ned Beauman,

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A dark and witty story of environmental collapse and runaway capitalism from the Booker-listed author of The Teleportation Accident.

The near future. Tens of thousands of species are going extinct every year. And a whole industry has sprung up around their extinctions, to help us preserve the remnants, or perhaps…

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Cli-fi is a tricky subgenre to nail, but if there’s anyone who can manage to thread the needle between furious excoriation of the human species while serving up healthy dollops of wit and wisdom it’s Beauman, whose boundless imagination wordplay is put to good use in this dystopian near future dark comedy.

The plot follows Halyard, an environmental impact coordinator and Resaint, a biologist, in a quest to find the last Venomous Lumpsucker. Halyard wants to find it because he’s been short-selling ‘extinction credits’ (something you absolutely know companies would trade if the infrastructure existed), and Resaint has determined that…

This tells the story of a near future when mass extinction has driven the international community to negotiate a deal to save life on Earth. But this deal was corrupted at birth by the interests and opportunism of corporate capitalism. Woven around efforts to 'save' a fish species by people with madly different motivations, the book feels true while also being darkly funny, easy to read, and transforming in its power. It is all horribly familiar from my own experience of the deals that people and institutions have made to save the world from climate change. All of them are…

From Julian's list on building peace with nature.

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