By Edward Aubry,

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When Nigel Walden is fourteen, the UNHAPPENINGS begin. His first girlfriend disappears the day after their first kiss with no indication she ever existed. This retroactive change is the first of many only he seems to notice.

Several years later, when Nigel is visited by two people from his future,…

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One of the best SF novels I’ve read in the last 25 years.

The story takes you on a journey through multiple, shifting realities as different time travelers compete to change history to their advantage without wiping out everything and everyone they know and love.

Unlike so many books these days, this one never drags or bores with unnecessary background details but keeps moving from one catastrophic change to another. Highly recommended. 

UnHappenings is a diamond in the indie-published rough. In the novel, important people and events are deleted from Nigel Walden’s life (such as his first kiss) with no indication they ever existed. I spent the entire novel either gripped by the intriguing storyline or feeling heartbroken for the protagonist over his every tiny joy in life being sabotaged. My favorite part of the book was a barrage of unexpected apocalypses that extended through a few chapters. It was far-fetched, macabre, and unintentionally (but delightfully) humorous. If you've ever wondered what might happen if a madman with time travel capabilities and…

From Jodi's list on where time is out to get you.

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