Three Roads to Quantum Gravity

By Lee Smolin,

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The Holy Grail of modern physics is the search for a 'quantum gravity' view of the universe that unites Einstein's general relativity with quantum theory. Until recently, these two foundational pillars of modern science have seemed incompatible: relativity deals exclusively with the universe at the large scale (planets, solar systems…

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Modern physics has a problem. It is built on two key theories, Einstein’s general theory of relativity that explains the action of gravity, and quantum mechanics that accounts for the other fundamental forces. But these are incompatible, and physicists have tried to stitch these together for more than a century. Smolin explores the landscape of the leading contenders on the path to quantum gravity, including string theory, M-theory, and loop quantum gravity, highlighting the doors that will be opened when the journey is complete, from revealing the heart of black holes, to understanding where our universe came from. An important…

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