The Story of Religion

By Betsy Maestro, Giulio Maestro (illustrator),

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For the five billion people who inhabit the earth, religion is an important part of culture and identity. From the Buddhists of China to the Muslims of the Middle East, people of different origins, languages, and customs have also embraced varied ways of worship. Through detailed illustrations and descriptions, Betsy…

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I particularly like the way this book embraces pluralism. Although the term "pluralism" is sometimes maligned by friends who lean right politically, a few facts are clear, including that our society is becoming more and more multicultural and pluralistic, and that diverse people will generally live more harmoniously together the more they understand and respect each other. This is a profoundly important truth for kids to learn in this book. The less we and our kids "other" (exclude or see as a threatening other) people outside of our own ingroup, and the more we live by the Golden Rule, applied…

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