The Rachel Incident

By Caroline O'Donoghue,

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The Rachel Incident is an all-consuming love story. But it's not the one you expected...


'Funny, nostalgic, sexy ... it's everything I want in a summer book' MONICA HEISEY
'Funny, LOVELY, romantic, DRENCHED in nostalgia' MARIAN KEYES
'You will love The Rachel Incident' GABRIELLE ZEVIN,…

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This book is full of murky, frustrating romantic relationships, but the central love story is an abiding friendship. Rachel and James are just beginning their adult lives, working together at a university bookstore, when they fall in love.

If it weren’t for James’s emphatic homosexuality and Rachel’s obsessive crush on her married, Liam Neeson-esque English professor, they might have ridden off into the sunset together. Instead, they become best friends, roommates, and partners in crime on the Cork, Ireland, club circuit. Things get complicated when James starts sleeping with said English professor.

I laughed so much reading this book that…

A master of the flawed and loveable heroine, O’Donoghue’s writing is both deeply comforting and immensely frustrating – because every wry observation is so relatable I can’t believe I didn’t think of it first.

Exploring life in GFC-era Ireland through the wide eyes of a broke, experience-hungry university student and floundering graduate, this story is a tribute to friendship, self discovery, and all the missteps of newfound freedom.

The deeper into the story I went, the closer I felt to my eighteen-year-old self: naive and desperate not to be, nervous about the power in the currency of youth and eager…

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