The Lion's Circle

By Amelia Ellis, Rachel Ward (translator),

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An icy wind blows over the Thames, the lights of Westminster Bridge cast pale sparkles on the cold water, December in London. The young private detective Nea Fox takes on an unusual case. She is to investigate the haunting of a secluded country estate in the North. An ancient puzzle…

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Like the novels in my first 3 picks, this one is part of a series. Nea Fox, the protagonist, is a private eye working out of London. The story contains a series of intricate puzzles with exotic characters and engaging relationships. Think of the Fu Manchu novels if they had been written by Patricia Highsmith. In this one, Nea investigates an alleged haunting and reveals a great deal of monkey business. And if it’s action you like, this may be the most exciting lesbian mystery of all.   

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