The Korean War

By Max Hastings,

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The Korean War is journalist and military historian Sir Max Hastings' compelling account of the forgotten war.

'The best narrative history of the Korean conflict' - Guardian

On 25 June 1950 the invasion of South Korea by the Communist North launched one of the bloodiest conflicts of the last century.…

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Max Hasting’s book described the early days of the war, for example the actions of Task Force Smith. He provides a valuable perspective on the Korean War that includes an interesting balanced account of a war that is still considered by many to be controversial. Hastings considers the perspectives of all sides of the Korean conflict and examines the various motivations of their respective actions, such as the U.S. decision to send troops to Korea in September 1945, and to send them back in June 1950, to the Chinese decision to send their own troops into Korea in the fall…

Comfortably the best narrative-driven account of the war by a master of the genre. Hastings gives us superb first-hand accounts of those who fought on both sides, combining them with his characteristically incisive assessments of the motives and deeds of the leading military and political figures.

From Roger's list on understanding the Korean War.

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