The Foxhole Court

By Nora Sakavic,

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Neil Josten is a runaway. A survivor. Determined to stay hidden from his murderous father, the last thing he needs is a national spotlight. But that’s exactly what he risks by signing for the Palmetto State Foxes. Thrown into a team of outcasts, last chancers, and no-hopers, The Foxhole Court is the story of one broken, battered boy and his fight to find something worth living for, and someone who deserves his truth. Neil transcends the page, blossoming slowly and resentfully as his teammates chip away at the icy walls barricading his heart. In a genre full of hopeless adults,…

The Foxhole Court was a book I picked up when I was desperate for books where – surprise, surprise – no one dies at the end. I didn’t expect to like it much, given that I don’t understand sports in the least. I absolutely fell in love with it. College, sports, mafia, found family, and psycho midget mom friends. It’s my favorite series in the world, I even have a tattoo from it. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. Look up the trigger warnings if you’re prone to those.

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