Texas Destiny

By Lorraine Heath,

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He's fallen for a woman...

Anxious to meet her soon-to-be-husband, Dallas Leigh for the first time, mail-order bride Amelia Carson is en route to Fort Worth, Texas. When she steps off the train and locks eyes with her betrothed, she immediately feels drawn to him. But the cowboy standing before…

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I have a paperback copy of the original edition of this book that is tattered beyond belief—from multiple readings.

The hero is scarred inside and out and doesn’t expect love or anything soft to enter in his life. Doing a favor for his brother, escorting his brother's bride through the Western wilderness, he is dismayed to find himself falling for her. Another book I can read in a blink and feel every emotion with both angst and joy. This book has long been a favorite.

Texas Destiny is a historical romance that showcases a family of three brothers trying to start a ranch. Each brother has his own personality, his own way to contribute to the development of their family which enthralled me. Dallas holds it all together, a Type A personality to be sure. Austin, the youngest, does everything he can to help but still makes impulsive decisions. And Houston, the middle brother…scarred in battle, he has to fight feelings of worthlessness. It’s a beautiful story about how three brothers learned to be a family. My heart almost couldn’t take it.

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