Taken for Granite

By Robin B. Sweet,

Book cover of Taken for Granite

Book description

Chicago's award-winning journalist Raquel “Rocky” Peake's investigations have earned her more than a few powerful enemies. Now, some of them want her dead.

Threatened out of her dream job, Rocky heads back home to Texas. Over a decade has passed since she left Twin Creeks. Yet, all those years haven't…

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I personally love this book for several reasons; first, I love reading about strong women. Second, the experiences are real-life situations that draw you into Rocky’s life as if it is your own. Her solutions are at times quirky but make you realize that her solution is perfect for her and the search for her perfect solution allowed me to see what I would have done instead. Third, it is at times funny and at times tense. This balance of emotions and actions keeps you on the edge of your seat.

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