Swamp Story

By Dave Barry,

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Pulitzer Prize–winning New York Times bestselling author and actual Florida Man Dave Barry returns with a Florida caper full of oddballs and more twists and turns than a snake slithering away from a gator.

Jesse Braddock is trapped in a tiny cabin deep in the Everglades with her infant daughter…

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I love being in the Everglades of South Florida. I love the crazy characters and their wild pursuits of making money. There are a lot of 70s musical references and nostalgia for the reader.

One could really believe this may be based on true events because, after all, it’s Florida. 

Rarely do I - and frankly, neither do others - give a silly comedic romp a full 5 stars, but migosh, if any book ever deserved it, it's this one.

It would be cliche to say that "Dave's still got it," because he doesn't just got it, but he's elevated his game with his last several books. His previous general books on politics and manhood were endless, hilarious riffs, but here, there's fabulously dense plotting. Now, I should say, that if Mr. Barry got any help with that, then this whole review deserves to be cancelled, but if not, then…

I always look forward to Dave Barry novels because they always make me laugh, often out loud. Sometimes in public. This was no exception—it made the week I read it a real joy.

But with each new book, Barry is getting better at plot and characterization, and Swamp Story actually came off as an exciting thriller despite the funny approach. As a writer of humorous thrillers myself, I could appreciate the finer points of the storytelling, and was inspired to similarly hone my own latest novel.

I love South Florida. The author is witty, and this book is based in the Everglades. The characters are fun, larger than life, and hold true to native Floridians, as the characters do dumb things. 

It has nostalgic references as well as today’s social media influences. Readers will laugh at this book and ask themselves, can people really be that stupid?

As the author writes, this is Florida, after all! It’s just a fun book. 

I’ve been a fan of Dave Barry’s humor since reading his columns in the newspaper all those years ago.

He finds the funny in everyday life, and the ridiculousness in people, and spins a wonderful yarn with these elements. This book had lots of hilarious hijinks and over-the-top characters, but also some real-life situations that kept it relatable and believable enough to enjoy. I laughed out loud many times while listening to the book while walking my dogs. My neighbors must think I’m nuts!

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