Some Science Adventures with Real Magic

By J. Gregory Fandel, William A. Tiller, Walter Dibble

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This book provides the reader with an encapsulation of all the key experimental psychoenergetics observations made by Professor Tiller ande his group over the past 35 years. It reveals the true nature of the human acupuncture meridian/chakra system and how "sacred" spaces are created. It shows that the physical vacuum…

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This reports on a physics experiment that shows how people in a state of deep concentration can focus their intention and create changes in their environment. In a special unitary symmetry state energy is exchanged via both photons (light) and phonons (sound), moving faster than light. Fine, information-wave generated patterns then activate all sorts of particles and modulate substances in a measurable and meaningful way. Any moment we are concentrating our intention, we therefore have tremendous power not only over ourselves but also over our environment and our future.

From Livia's list on the nature of time.

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