Sneaking a Look at God's Cards

By Giancarlo Ghirardi, Gerald Malsbary (translator),

Book cover of Sneaking a Look at God's Cards: Unraveling the Mysteries of Quantum Mechanics

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Quantum mechanics, which describes the behavior of subatomic particles, seems to challenge common sense. Waves behave like particles; particles behave like waves. You can tell where a particle is, but not how fast it is moving--or vice versa. An electron faced with two tiny holes will travel through both at…

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Ghirardi, together with Alberto Rimini and Tulio Weber, developed the first mathematically rigorous “objective collapse” interpretation of quantum formalism. This book is aimed at a popular audience, and includes discussion of quantum computation and quantum cryptography, which is absent from the other books on the list. The mathematics is slightly greater than in Albert’s book, but does not go beyond a high school level.

From Tim's list on quantum theory and its history.

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