Revelation Revealed

By Robert I. Adams,

Book cover of Revelation Revealed: Uncovering What the Last Book in the Bible Says About the Last Days

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The world is heading toward a climax. End time prophecies in the book of Revelation are nearing the time of their fulfillment. As we get closer, it is imperative we understand what to expect will occur on the world scene. Here are some questions about the last book of the…

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The Book of Revelation is the most famous prophecy book ever written, yet it is extremely difficult to comprehend with its extensive use of symbology and apocalyptic tones. Many scholars have tried to interpret its meaning and have been humbled. Robert Adams provides extensive knowledge of the mysteries found in Revelation while making it easier for readers to understand. Perhaps this is because of the link between Revelation and the Book of Daniel. An angel stated to Daniel that the meanings of end-time prophecies are "sealed until the time of the end" (Daniel 12:9b).

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