Q is for Quantum

By Terry Rudolph,

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COMPUTING. ENTANGLEMENT. REALITY. Books containing these three words are typically fluff or incomprehensible; this one is not. "Q is for Quantum" teaches a theory at the forefront of modern physics to an audience presumed to already know only basic arithmetic. Topics covered range from the practical (new technologies we can…

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This masterful book goes one step further and presents a game-based analogy that goes a long way toward explaining how a quantum computer actually works. Working through the book, one gains an understanding of how qubits can be quantum entangled and how entanglement leads to computing tasks that could not be performed on an ordinary computer. Deceptively simple in appearance, the method leads you deep into the inner workings of quantum logic operations without realizing you are digesting some pretty advanced concepts. The author knows of what he writes, as his theoretical discoveries led to one of the world’s most…

The mind-body problem complicates quantum mechanics, our most powerful, precise theory of nature. According to the theory, our observation of electrons and other particles determines their behavior. I’ve read many books that try to explain this so-called measurement problem, as well as other quantum riddles. None succeeds as well as Q Is for Quantum, which strips quantum mechanics down to its counter-intuitive mathematical essence.

From John's list on mind-body.

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