Persephone's Mare

By Iza Moreau,

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Persephone Gwilt lives with her mother, Alice, and their horses on a small farm in rural North Florida. Alice had intended to wait until Persephone turned 18 to reveal to her that their real home was a magical place called Equidona, which they had fled because Alice was being hunted…

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For readers who love fantasy, the story of Persephone and her discovery of the magical world of Equidona will be a favorite. After the sudden and inexplicable loss of her mother, who was a devoted horsewoman, Persephone finds herself swept into a world in which horses are at the center of a society at a crossroads. The widespread use of magic has put people at odds with some of the longest and most cherished traditions of horsemanship. Persephone must discover her own powers in order to help control the forces that killed her mother. I love this story for its…

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