Of Plymouth Plantation

By William Bradford,

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In August 1620, 102 English Separatists set off in the Mayflower for New England.

These men, women and children, who became known as the Pilgrims, would found the Plymouth Colony.

They had to survive harsh winters, poor harvests, disease and famine in the early years of their new settlement.


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The best source of information about the Pilgrim journey from their origin as Puritan/Dissenters in Scrooby, England. Bradford, who would serve multiple terms as governor of Plymouth Plantation, gives the lie to many of our commonly held beliefs about the Pilgrims and their experiences fleeing England, living in Holland, and coming to New England. He is detailed, candid, and very readable. Seeing the story from his first-person point of view helped me to see the Pilgrims as flawed individuals, whether appropriating a tribe's entire cache of seed corn on their first day on Cape Cod, Bradford's being upended in a…

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