Murder in the Crypt

By Irina Shapiro,

Book cover of Murder in the Crypt

Book description

When the body of a young man is found stuffed into the tomb of a medieval knight, Parish Constable Daniel Haze is tasked with investigating his first solo murder case. Suspicion instantly falls on the only stranger to arrive in the village of Birch Hill just before the crime took…

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I know I keep beating the same drum, but just try to take a look at that cover and tell me the story doesn’t look intriguing (and yes, I do see the similarities between this cover and that of The Murder on Black Swan Lane). 

Like any self-respecting English mystery, this one begins with a main character discovering he’s received a bequest of an English estate and its accompanying title. This particular main character is Jason Redmond, a Captain and doctor in the Union Army during the American Civil War. At the end of the war, he returns home…

This pick has a bit more of a standard mystery (and a touch less magic), but what’s magical about it is the Victorian setting. Set in a quaint village, it’s the perfect blend of Murder, She Wrote and Victoria Holt!  You’ll find yourself immersed in the world of Redmond and Haze and with plenty more books after this one filled with murder and intrigue, you’ll want to binge-read the currently published books in the series on a cold, rainy day!

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