Muir's Gambit

By Michael Frost Beckner,

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This book will surprise the hell out of you.

The author (& screenwriter of Spy Game) writes deftly with incisive dialogue and humor. He details the hidden human motivations that drive spies and their masters, and with his command of intelligence tradecraft, rules that can be twisted, and an insider's grasp of the Agency’s culture, you have a recipe for great reading.

Beckner takes the reader into a high-stakes battle of wits and memories between two Cold Warriors that spans years and takes the reader through a dense wilderness of mirrors. Old operations and secrets no one wants revealed…

Muir’s Gambit is a prequel to Beckner’s blockbuster movie Spy Game (with Brad Pitt and Robert Redford). 

Not your traditional “spy thriller,” it follows a dark thematic arc of two spies, fueled by whisky and cigarettes, talking on the front porch of a beach house after the assassination of a comrade.

It is layered with a gritty (and sometimes absurdist) intellectual/philosophical study of the moral cost of living a life of lies. All in search of a truth that is hidden from everyone but one man.

Told with flashbacks to events in Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and Hong Kong, it…

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