Mrityunjaya, The Death Conqueror

By Shivaji Sawant,

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The sixth son of Kunti, Karna is often reduced to an antagonist in most modern renditions of the Mahabharatha. In Mrityunjaya, The Death Conqueror: The Story Of Karna, a study of humanity, life and existentialism through Ved Vyasa's epic, Shivaji Sawant examines Karna's life. Summary of the Book The autobiography…

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Karna is the classical tragic hero. The greatest warrior of Mahabharata, everyone who mattered wronged him. Rejected by his mother, teacher, lover, and God, the only person to stand with him was the antagonist of the epic. And that was Karna’s tragedy. He could have avoided the epic war and become the king of Hastinpura, but he chose loyalty over kingship. He could have sided with his brothers, but he chose friendship over brotherhood. The Marathi classic by Shivaji Sawant is an ode to Karna. Translated in many languages, it was one book that inspired me to become a writer.

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