Michael's Wife

By Marlys Millhiser,

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In this modern twist on a Gothic classic, a woman awakens in the desert with no memory of who she is or how she got there 

A screeching hawk circling ominously above rouses a woman from sleep. She finds herself immersed in total darkness, with no idea of who she…

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So I read this book back in the late 1970s and when the title of a book that I read so long ago still floats through my mind, demanding a re-read, then that is a great suspense mystery read. Yes, as I re-read this recently, the book captures the 1970s prior to cell phones, internet, etc., but it still holds up with the twisty events of a woman haunted by a past she does not remember. You will have a challenge in trying to figure out exactly which character to believe! A young woman wakes up on the desert floor…

From Andrea's list on 'who-dun-it' fiction.

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