Me Before You

By Jojo Moyes,

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Will needed Lou as much as she needed him, but will her love be enough to save his life?

Lou Clark knows lots of things. She knows…

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This novel is also about love, but draws its intense emotions including suicidal ideation from a different matter: being bound to a wheelchair after an accident.

It is a lot deeper than a normal romance novel. It dives into the topic of physical disablement and by that creates awareness about something the average person is not shedding any thought to. I personally appreciate this aspect, because creating awareness is also one of my goals in writing.

Also, the novel is thought-provoking, because it poses the dilemma of selfishly wanting someone to stay alive vs. selflessly respecting their wish to die.…

In JoJo Moyes’ Me Before You, Lou is hired by the mother of a severely disabled man Will, whose wish is to end his life via Dignitas, in Switzerland.

Whilst trying to change his mind and save his life, she comes into her own strength, finishes with her boyfriend (with whom she was destined to have a conformist marriage), learns to let Will go, and appreciate the gift he leaves her - her independence.

JoJo Moyes tackles the issue of severe disability and dares to go places which are surprising in what deceptively appears to be a romcom. Showing that…

Despite being a few years old, this continues to be my favourite novel of the decade. I even loved the film.

Will Trainer has everything. Wealthy, clever, successful, and handsome. The world is his oyster until it isn’t! In a heartbeat he goes from the bloke everyone admires to the one everyone pities. 

Paralysed from the neck down, Will’s life is over and he’s drowning in self-loathing. However, much money his parents throw at the problem, it’s not going away. He’s trapped in a wheelchair forever. Several nurses leave after days because their patient is so vile.

Then, comes glorious,…

I love this novel for being an intelligent non-typical love story. Warning: Will and Louisa's story will not only make you burst with laughter but also make you ugly cry. This was the funny, bittersweet romance story I longed to read. Louisa Clark is the type of woman I'd love to be friends with, and the fact that there are two more novels with this character makes the emotional investment worth it. By the way, the movie adaptation does the novel justice. 

From Gloria's list on atypical characters you will love.

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