Harrington on Hold 'em

By Dan Harrington, Bill Robertie,

Book cover of Harrington on Hold 'em: Expert Strategy for No-Limit Tournaments; Volume II: The Endgame

Book description

Poker has taken America by storm. But it's not just any form of poker that has people across the country so excited it's no-limit hold 'em the main event game. And now, thanks to televised tournaments, tens of thousands of new players are eager to claim their share of poker…

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To some, the Harrington series might be outdated but there is still a lot of gold to be gleaned from these pages. Some people think Super System is the classic book of the poker genre, but I would argue this title has influenced more modern online players than any single book available today. There are more up-to-date books to choose from today, but it is still worth a read even now.

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