Grand Days

By Frank Moorhouse,

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This novel's backdrop is the ill-fated League of Nations, the peace-keeping organization set up after World War I to ensure the world never had to go to war again. The central character is Edith Berry, a spirited young woman full of good intentions.

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There is one major reason I include Grand Days in my list of "best" books and her name is Edith Campbell Berry. Some might suggest that as Edith happens to be an Australian character and Frank Moorhouse an Australian author I’m favouring the pair, being Australian myself. But this is definitely not so. To me, Edith Campbell Berry is one of the most beautifully conceived heroines in literary fiction. And when I make this sweeping statement I include every great leading lady you can think of. 

From the moment I met Edith on the train from Paris to Geneva where…

From Judy's list on embrace show business and history.

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