Golden Handcuffs

By Polly Courtney,

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"A job at Cray McKinley is whatever you make of it. For the real high flyers, there's no limit to what you can achieve."

Abby is a high flyer. But she's not your average banker. Driven by something other than money and status, she has her own reasons for climbing…

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Although this novel focuses on the world of investment banking, I list it here because it shows the difference between being a female working in finance and being a male working in finance; like This is what happens, it shows the impact of sexism on one woman's professional life, her dream, her ambition, her failure to achieve the former despite the latter.

I read it quite a while ago but was reminded of it while reading recently about the recent Martin/Nicole thing (wherein they switched email addresses, so Martin experienced what it was like to be Nicole for a couple…

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