By Michael W. Clune,

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In telling the story of his youth through seven computer games, critically acclaimed author Michael W. Clune (White Out) captures the part of childhood we live alone.

You have been awakened.

Floppy disk inserted, computer turned on, a whirring, and then this sentence, followed by a blinking cursor. So begins…

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Where David Sudnow’s Breakout: Pilgrim in the Microworld focused on the flamboyant poetry of gaming, Michael W. Clune’s Gamelife opts for minimalism.

Clune himself describes the book as a memoir about computer games, which is true, and that description alone warrants inclusion in my list. Why? Any topic that can be a lens through which to reflect on one’s own life is noteworthy.

Clune isn’t a game developer recounting a life spent developing games. Clune isn’t a games industry executive doling out business advice. Clune is a gamer with a childhood he’s able to better understand when filtered through video…

Gamelife is a true memoir, reliving moments from Clune’s childhood in vivid detail. He turns his rocky journey through elementary and middle school into painfully relatable stories, where his younger self often rushes home to find solace in computer games. It’s amusing, also, how young Clune tries to find deeper meaning in these games and extend those meanings to his social and school life. Of course, his classmates usually don’t understand where he’s coming from. I’ve been there, my friend. If you’ve ever felt like an outcast growing up and/or used games as a coping mechanism, Gamelife will hit you…

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