Fatal Vision

By Joe McGinniss,

Book cover of Fatal Vision: A True Crime Classic

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The electrifying true crime story of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald, the handsome, Princeton-educated physician convicted of savagely slaying his young pregnant wife and two small children—murders he vehemently denies committing...

Bestselling author Joe McGinniss chronicles every aspect of this horrifying and intricate crime and probes the life and psyche of the…

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Golden Boy marries high school sweetheart, becomes a doctor, and has two little girls with her. She gets pregnant with their first son and he slaughters all of them, and pretty much walks on it for the next thirteen years. I’ve also had the rare pleasure of meeting Jeffrey MacDonald who still demands to be addressed as Dr. MacDonald. He ended up screaming at me that there was no afterlife. Have it your own way, Jeffrey, although, as a Catholic myself, I’m inclined to disagree with you. Anyway, I knew and admired Joe McGinnis both as a writer and as…

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A highly controversial 1983 book about Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald who was accused of murdering his wife and two children in their home in 1970. Initially, MacDonald hired McGuiniss to prove his innocence, but the author eventually changed his mind about the physician’s guilt. He was convicted and the book underscored the perils of writers getting too close to their subjects, especially when they're criminals.

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