By Philip José Farmer,

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In the year 3000 a remedy has been found for the world's overpopulation. For six days out of seven, everyone is kept in hibernation; on the 7th day they emerge - to live for a day. In this way the world can support a population whose one-day-a-week lives span hundreds…

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Dayworld is an elegant but dystopic solution to a possible future population crisis and one that keeps me thinking about how we should restrain ourselves. Humanity can only endure overpopulation by placing people into suspended animation six days a week. Jeff Carid is a rebel and a daybreaker, living a different life each day as he illegally moves through the week. But, when Jeff’s ability to segregate his seven lives deteriorates, the rebels realise they can’t trust him.

I love how Jeff slips from Tuesday-World to Wednesday-World, etc., easing into distinct personalities. This story made me realise different cultures exist…

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