Amos & Boris

By William Steig,

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Amos the mouse and Boris the whale are friends who have very little in common. Boris rescues Amos, who has set out to sail the seas - but might there be a time when Boris needs rescuing too?

An awardwinning fable and New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the…

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Of course fate could bring a whale and a mouse together, their bond of friendship lasting for the rest of their lives! In his matter-of-fact yet sparkling and stylish way, William Steig always made the fantastical seem unremarkable. I have given this book to at least five friends. Its quirky and gorgeous illustrations (by Steig, who was also a brilliant cartoonist) are as vital to the story as the words. Amos & Boris is just one of those books that does not condescend to young readers and is therefore as appealing to adults as children. I recommend it because Steig…

From Emily's list on animals who become true blue friends.

Amos, the mouse, and Boris, the whale, have little in common other than their tender feelings for each other. Amos built a boat and set out to sea, but when he falls into the ocean, Boris comes to his rescue. While tiny Amos rides on the giant whale’s back to safety, their friendship blossoms. Of course, a mouse and a whale can never live together, which makes tears roll down Boris’s cheek (and mine). But as with all great friendships, “They knew they would never forget each other.” Steig’s stories always manage to entertain and touch our kids while maintaining…

From Jacky's list on unlikely friendships.

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