Alpha Beta Chowder

By William Steig, Jeanne Steig,

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Presents an alliterative humorous verse for each letter of the alphabet, including "The Enigmatic Egg," "Mishmash," and "Worrywart.".

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Jeanne Steig wrote a giddy delightful poem for each letter of the alphabet. The poems are replete with weird and wonderful words. The goofy illustrations by William Steig tickle your eyes. One of my favorite poems is "Mishmash". Notice all of the many M words in Mishmash: mallet, misguided, minimize, mix, milk. Could Myron majestically mash potatoes? Mmmm, no.

Making mashed potatoes, Myron?
Must you mix them with the hammer?
This bizarre, misguided method
Causes quite a katzenjammer.

Might you add the milk and butter
In a more majestic manner?
Might a mallet not be better?
That would minimize…

From Julie's list on picture books that play with words.

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