A Door Into Time

By Shawn Inmon,

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Not all guys obsess over tiny details……but Army Special Forces do.The wall just didn’t look right.Alex has been trying to cope. Life after his deployment had been rough. His ex-wife thought he needed to stop disappointing their daughter. She was right.He would try harder.With six hours before his little girl’s…

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When a retired army infantryman knocks down a double brick wall in the basement of his new house, he discovers a doorway and a note pinned on the other side.

Fastened by a knife, the note tells the story of a man who lost his son in this portal. He bricked it up so no one would have to suffer as he has.

Does our soldier listen? Of course not.

Alex Hawke doesn’t go through the doorway unprepared, but he is certainly not ready for what he finds.

A tribe of giants who don't speak a lick of English. 


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