A Cowboy's Best Friend

By Bee Brooks,

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A hardworking cowboy in danger of losing the ranch, his friend who built herself a new life, and the proposal that could cost them everything.

Eldon needs a wife to keep the old family ranch. But marrying is a problem – because secretly, his heart has always belonged to his…

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Sweet Springs is the smallest of small towns and the ranch is well known in the community. The family is tight-knit and loving and the property is drawn lovingly by the author in the MCs’ various moments working the land and with the animals. Every time we venture out onto a task, we are transported to the cowboy’s side to help with whatever project is at hand. Sheep, horses, chickens, haying... Sweet Springs does it all and what a wonderful ride it is to be taken on. If they open reservations for guests, I will be the first to book…

From Isla's list on fictional ranches I want to visit.

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