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Book cover of How Much for Just the Planet

Karina Fabian Author Of Space Traipse: Hold My Beer, Season 1

From the list on science fiction books that make you laugh (without insulting your intelligence).

Who am I?

I am a writer of science fiction and fantasy, and a humorist. My husband and I fell in love over Star Trek and puns, and we both share a deep abiding hatred of people acting stupidly to further a plot. I read to escape, so I’m looking for laughs but also compelling characters who live their stories rather than act out the author’s wishes. I will toss a book as soon as it insults my intelligence or bores me. Thus, when I write, I let the characters run the show—and they never fail me.

Karina's book list on science fiction books that make you laugh (without insulting your intelligence)

Why did Karina love this book?

Kirk and the Enterprise go up against the Klingons for the right to mine dilithium on Direidi. But the Direidians are writing their own script for this contest—a script that propels the crew of the Starship Enterprise into their strangest adventure yet! I think this was the first “serious” Star Trek novel I ran across that was all about the humor. Ford did a great job of creating situations that make the reader laugh while still respecting the characters.

By John M. Ford,

Why should I read it?

1 author picked How Much for Just the Planet as one of their favorite books, and they share why you should read it.

What is this book about?

Dilithium. In crystalline form, the most valuable mineral in the galaxy. It powers the Federation's starships...and the Klingon Empire's battlecruisers. Now on a small, out-of-the-way planet named Direidi, the greatest fortune in dilithium crystals ever seen has been found. Under the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty, the planet will go to the side best able to develop the planet and its resourses. Each side will contest the prize with the prime of its fleet. For the Federation -- Captain James T. Kirk and the Starship Enterprise . For the Klingons -- Captain Kaden vestai-Oparai and the Fire Blossom. Only…